Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Here's a glimpse of the firestorm:
  • This Art Bell is sick, demented, ignorant, racist and totally prejudiced!!! May he rot in you know where!
  • The Philippine Government should take an action regarding this matter don't let this man step-on our territory, unless otherwise He will do public apology. eto po cia!!!!!
  • Here is the man! A devil look-alike! Mr. Art Bell.
  • This is a hate letter coming from a radio talk show host Mr. Art Bell from Nevada . I dont consider myself as patriotic but please read my reply below in BOLD LETTERS and send this to as many of your friends as possible until it reaches him.
  • This is a very disturbing open E-mail letter to all Filipinos around the world; specially here in North America !, from a man who has the power to reach millions of people. (he's a radio talk host)
  • Check out his website listed at the end to get a glimpse at this fool who's spreading this hateful ignorance. And check his wife as well. This letter is so degrading, I think it's really important that everybody read this and not attack him, but respond to him in a civilized manner because otherwise his thoughts will be reaffirmed.
  • I find this funny, he is right in some ways where we, as Filipinos don't actually have an "Identity". I think this is due to the confusion of our mixed races from Hispanic, Chinese, American and Malay origins. I see it in malls, imagine young generations wearing ski caps and ski goggles in a tropical country, baggy low rise pants like that of African Americans living in the Bronx of New York, not to mention endless whitening products being sold at department stores and drug stores.
  • But his ignorance also blinds him from the other truth. That while we may glorify Anime shows and Japanese Internet gaming, he is not aware that a nameless Filipino may be responsible for some technical aspects of some Japanese software. He is not aware of our contribution to the the society in general .Technological advancements that may have aided post war navigations and landing on the moon. That the antibiot ic Erythromycin was discovered by Dr. Abelardo Aguilar from Iloilo creating the brand "Ilosone".
  • Thomas Edison may have discovered the electric light bulb and the fluorescent lighting was thought up by Nikola Tesla. But the fluorescent lamp we use today was invented by Agapito Flores (a Cebuano named Benigno Flores of Bantayan Island, according to the Philippine Daily inquirer), a Filipino scientist. Americans helped then-Philippine leader Ramon Magsaysay to develop it for worldwide commerce.
  • That the personal physician of former U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton is Eleanor "Connie" Concepcion Mariano, a Filipina doctor who was the youngest captain in the US Navy.
  • A Filipino writer Jose Rizal could read a nd write at age 2, and grew up to speak more than 20 languages, includind Latin, Greek, German, French and Chinese.

...abangan (more later)...

Sunday, September 24, 2006


[This is the final segment of the infamous email attributed to Art Bell - Mactanman]

Do the parents of these young filipinos know what's going on? Would they accept this? I believe that they would and do. This is the natural "Trash" element in filipinos manifesting itself.

Nothing good has ever come from Philippines and I don't believe anything good ever will.

Recognizing your Roots (A Message to Filipinos). To all filipino people: Please recognize your ROOTS! You come from the Third World ! You country is a disgusting and filthy place. Most people there live in poverty! Your culture has MUCH MORE SPANISH influence than chinese, and absolutely no JAPANESE influence whatsoever. People in Japan and China do not act like you. They do not constantly talk about sex and they have a MUCH HIGHER level of RESPECT for each other. There is NO WAY that you can connect yourself to Asia other than location.

In the next post(s):
  • A Glimpse at the Firestorm
  • Art Bell

Friday, September 22, 2006


Anonymous said...
i missed this show..heard it was great especially for the "not so young" crowd who were reminded of the good old days gone by...hehe!
Fri Sep 22, 12:51:53 AM PHT

Anonymous said...
hey, i was wondering myself what happened to Dr. kelly..am glad you "found"him after all these yrs.thanks to the "Lettermen"?
Fri Sep 22, 01:00:42 AM PHT

kelly pilones said...
i know this comment is quite late in the day and out of context too! but what the heck!hehe.hey, Pards, though the time we spent in the resto was short, it was full of nostalgia, though.it was a meeting 22 years after the last. wow! what's more delightful is that.. the passing years have been very kind to my very good friend.. and to Luz too!you both look deceptively "young".. considering. sa totoo lang. hehe.


Anonymous said...

...and that's the 1st part yet!!
Could the sequels be more insulting that that? The guy deserves a broken jaw or any bone.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Now we've come down to this fact...and it is a fact.

Nothing in Filipino Culture can be seen as Asian. They have no architectural, artistic, or cultural influence which is in ANY way, asian. Thinking of the great countries in Asia such as Japan , Korea , and China there is no way you can possibly connect the Philippine Islands.

This assault by filipino americans to connect themselves with the great peoples of North East Asia is foul and disgusting. Try visiting a young filipino's web site too. You'll see something called the "Asian IRC Ring". It has to do with the chatrooms. The most horrible thing about this is that these TRASHY people are trying to associate themselves with Asia again!!

People in Asia don't act like this at all. What we are seeing here is the natural Filipino in its element with full access to technology and this is how they act! You will consistently see this behavior over and over again. Another interesting thing is that these "third world" people also frequent RC chatrooms such as #chinese #japan and #asian. They must believe that they are somehow related racially or culturally to North Asians.

But it's completely WRONG! There might have been some distant contact With China and even less with Japan during World War II, but these people are actually more closely related to african americans and Mexican americans.
...abangan (to be continued)...


Hmmm... interesting. Is he still alive? Still on the air? I hardly think so. Stupid people have a short life span. Either Mother Nature took him out (she's embarassed an anomaly found its way into humankind) or someone else helped her.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


tinna said...
hhhmmm.. that sure left a very bad taste in my mouth. On the otherhand, everybody has the right to his own opinion and if the writer thinks of us that way, then I would like to think that he needs light to see things more clearly. He is definitely living in the dark. :)


[This is a multipart article related to an open email attributed to Art Bell, a very popular talk-radio host in the USA. This is apparently about 10 years old but has resurfaced in the last few days and got passed on from Filipino computer to Filipino computer worldwide, creating a firestorm... a microversion of the Pope vs the muslim world. Read on and don't miss the surprise ending a few posts from now - Mactanman]

First, the email:

Filipinos.....*make me puke*

As we've all come to notice, in the past few decades, Filipinos have begun to infest the United States like some sort of disease. Their extensive involvement in the U.S. Armed Forces is proof of the trashy kind of qualities all filipinos tend to exhibit on a regular basis. You can see this clearly by studying the attitudes and cultural Icons of most Filipino Americans.

Origins of Pinoys/Pinays: Are they really asian? Well we've come to accept the fact the filipinos come from a part of the world known as South East Asia . But the term " Asia " is used in the wrong way. You may notice that contemporary Filipino Americans try very hard to associate themselves with groups that we know as Asian. I cannot count the number of times I have seen a ' Third World ' Filipino try to connect themselves to the chinese or Japanese people. There is no connection and here's why.

The Philippines is a Third World country. Nothing respectable has EVER been created by Filipino people during our entire human history. Young filipino men in America have become obsessed with "import racing". They have an enormously perverted affection for Japanese cars. It's a common phenomenon. In their minds, these Filipinos somehow believe that they are asian and that it somehow connects them to Japanese people and japanese cars. They often take credit for the ingenuity of Japanese people and say how it's an "Asian thing".

This term..."Asian thing" derived directly from African American slang "black thang". "It's a black thang." "It's an asian thang." You can see the connection. It's even funnier that, in Japan , Filipinos are heavily discriminated against. The only filipinos that can live successfully in Japan are the filipino prostitutes. But that's the case for most Filipino people no matter where they live in th e world...
...abangan (to be continued)...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Visayan - Culture... etc

Hello there! Here is one cool website, all about Visayan Songs! As you all know by now i am an avid fan of our very own culture. It feels it is asn integral part of me.

Since childhood, i always get enticed with Visayan folklores, norms, dances, games, tales, poems and music. Everytime a relative came in for a visit, i always find it comforting to jive with them even though they were twice ot thrice my age. Tales of the unknown doens't lure me much but BALAK (poems) wow! They got me right in one stanza

Over the years, local dialects interests me much, including.The way they are to be uttered, where the accent would fall, or how it would turn out whenever coupled with a noun or a verb or what-have-you. As always, since i got to go places most specifically Manila, i always use the ever popular “Bisaya" (coming from the Visayas island groups thus the name) dialect, and not Tagalog, because i didn't see any purpose of changing it, Afterall, who can say it better huh.

I'm am this proud to be a Filipina, Bisaya, Cebuana and most of all an adopted Oponganon, coz my family just moved a couple of years back. And talking in Visayan dialect and singing the Visayan songs would most describe me as a person!
For more of the Visayan songs i'm talking about, please click here...

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Today, the news media are full of articles, announcements and programs related to Mother's Day.

Just like everything else, copycat exercises of the US holiday. But, Mother's Day in the US is a celebratory holiday, extolling the virtues of motherhood in a mature society. Mature society we are not!

With all due respects to Luz, my better half, mother to Karen, Lynn and Algin, I say Philippines society cannot be celebrating motherhood for as long as:
  • The Philippine society condones mothers sending their children out to the streets to beg
  • The Philippine society condones mothers sending their children out to the garbage dumps to scavenge for food for the whole family
  • The Philippine society condones mothers sending their 10-12 year old daughters out to prostitute

I reserve all my heartfelt Happy Mother's Day greetings to the day when Philippine society finally put an end to the above.